His lashes tangle up in themselves like he wants to be tangled up with her, but he begs to behold her smile. Faltering grins and tears become his now, and his skin turns dark with suffering.

Love is greater than anything, so he suffers for his love. He allows his heart to bleed and his mind to overflow with the most selfishly unselfish desires and he’s not even sorry.

At times, when he speaks, the sadness leaves his voice like smoke on a snowy morning. And while he confesses instability, she pleads insanity, a lethal combination


With you

Insanely, I thought I was over you.

I prayed, fasted, cleansed my soul of dead energy and wore white. I changed my ways and ate so clean my plate stayed empty. I changed my life just to get over you.

All it took, was one glance ; one look into your silver glare had the devil pulling me back to hell. My lips were stained again with crimson blood and my clothes turned darker until they fell off.

A flutter of your gossamer lips over my throat turned me into a writhing mess, skin dripping with the sweat of my innocence.

Constantly dazed, you turned me, until my eyes glossed over with sin, and the approval of the one I used to hate was all I sought.

One of a kind, you are, the demon in everyone’s minds.

Take me back with you.

The taste of nothing

His arms snaked around my waist, pulling my weight even closer to his chest. My eyes met his, and they held a smile, the ones his lips failed to produce.

My fingers attached themselves to the nape of his neck, and I pushed my mouth against his. He tasted like nothing. The only kind of nothing I am going to crave for the rest of my life.

His tongue coaxed mind into the soft velvet of his, caressing it with so much want I nearly wept. He cared so much, but I didn’t want that. I wanted him to hurt me; to hurt me and then tell me that he loved me. To use me and destroy me, then fix me up again.

He bit into the skin of my neck, rolling me over and placing his shadow over me. He bit, nibbled and teethed until the entirety of my throat sad bruised, throbbing with my pulse. Then he licked, like a kitten cleaning it’s fur, he swiped his tongue to soothe the pain.

His hands swiped away the crimson satin that covered my legs, leaving me -once again- bare to his smoldering gaze.

It was rushed as it was rough. In a matter of seconds, hips fused with each other, rocking away the pain of surprise. There was no determined pace, as we followed the rhythm of our union, sounds of appreciation bouncing off the walls.

Dirty words and sweet whispers were spilled as our movements countered in an attempt to prolong spine chilling lust building up in the pits of our stomachs.

His jaw went slack in a silent scream, and his glazed eyes fixated themselves on my similarly lost ones, and with a silent, telepathically conveyed agreement, we let go.

I placed my chest with his, so we could match the irregular crescendos of our hearts, and my mouth know his because I wanted -no- needed to taste nothing once again everyday, for the rest of my life.


Down the hallways

Down my street

Down between the devils feet

Lilith in a grey sweater kneels

Her eyes will never meet yours

But when you do

You finally die

In love, in peace, ecstasy and hell

She’s her own kind of high

As hormones radiate off her skin

Down the basement

Down the yard

Underneath the uptight guard

Lilith in a grey sweater kneels


Ah, the unbridled joy of associating with unworthy beings.

It always brings a frown to my face when I think of how un-alike we all are.

Your principles differ from mine, it disgusts me.

Your thoughts should not even be validated, as I am superior to you.

Ah, the ever consuming bliss of being a stuck up asshole.